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Bond Access is a comprehensive, real-time fixed income suite. This state-of-the-art portfolio management system brings: seamless integration of trading and risk management; customizable analysis; books and records.

Financial Securitizer is a powerful and flexible application which enables users to model and analyze commercial and residential mortgage-backed and general asset-backed securities.

Loan-SPA is a complete collateral solution for deal optimization and loan pricing model. It is fully web-accessible and has the most flexibility. The powerful optimizer and pricing engine can handle any kind of structure and find the best result for you.
FI-STAR, our advanced, enterprise-level fixed income trading system features efficient trading and real-time sharing of trading data and position information. Its unprecedented real-time access to information, trade executions and cohesive user interface design stretch across different user groups and trading desks.

Financial Models include: Prepayment Model, Default Model, Interest Rate Model, and Analytic Tools.
Repo Trader, extending the trading capabilities of Beyondbond’s i-Platform trading system, allows financing desks to enter repo trades, fund inventory position and manage the firm’s overall collateral. Features include: a Match Book, with position report, P&L update, and 90-day risk calculation, a Scratch Book which summarizes traders' existing and pending positions, and a set of customized reports.

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