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Investment Management

Beyondbond, LLC assists institutional fixed income investors pursuing investment strategies aimed at generating positive absolute returns while preserving invested capital and minimizing return volatility over time. This objective is particularly achieved through the use of residential mortgage-backed securities which are hedged with a variety of instruments including US treasuries, and interest rate options, futures, and swaps.

Through the years, Beyondbond has developed and implemented for various clients most of the crucial components of investment management necessary to profit in mortgage-backed securities: portfolio modeling, valuation analysis, real-time risk return measurement, hedging, trading, and computational expertise. Beyondbond has worked with participants in all sectors of the MBS market, including residential, whole-loan, multi-family, home equity, commercial and asset-backed.

With its experience and expertise, Beyondbond is able to provide its clients with proprietary systems to model and value mortgage-backed securities, and hedge their positions against changes in interest rates, the resulting prepayment risks, and other market risks. Specifically, Beyondbond can assist institutional clients in the development and the implementation of investment strategies involving MBS and ABS. Beyondbond can explore, create, backtest, and optimize various investment and hedging strategies, including yield curve relative value determination.

Regulatory Authorities

Beyondbond, LLC is registered with the SEC as a registered investment advisor.

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