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Repo Trader

Repo Trader, extending the trading capabilities of Beyondbond's i-Platform trading system, allows financing desks to enter repo trades, fund inventory positions and manage the firm's overall collateral.

Features include:
A Scratch Book, which summarizes traders' existing and pending positions.
A Match Book, which displays position report, P&L update, and 90-day risk calculation.
A Trade Ticket, which presents detailed trade information and allows traders to enter, cancel, and/or correct trades.
A set of customized reports.

  Scratch Book
    Separate Strategy Book Concept
  -GOV: government debts
-AGCY: government agency debts
-MBS: mortgage backed securities
-SPCL: special
-WL: whole loans

Modularized Components
  -Summary table for start, total, and pending trades
-Scratch sheet with master trade list for pending, completed, and canceled trades
-Separate collateral breakdown sheet for each trade

  Match Book
    Separate Sub-Strategy Book Concept
  -GC: general collateral government debt grouped by maturity
-GcO: off-the-run government debt grouped by issue
-Agy: government agency debt grouped by maturity
-AgyB: agency benchmark debt grouped by issue
-MBS: mortgage backed securities grouped by maturity
-SP: special government debt grouped by issue
-WL: whole loans grouped by maturity
-Frwd: forward trade list for each master trade

  Trade Ticket
    Full Functional Trade Actions
  -New trade
-Modify trade
  * Re-rate
* Re-price
* Re-activate
* Substitute
* Close out
* Modify interest
-Cancel trade
  * Forward satisfy
* Early satisfy
Modularized Components
  -Detailed master trade information
-Collateral breakdown for each trade

Download Repo Trader Flyer

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